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IFC WebServer is an OpenBIM data model server and online viewer for Building Information Models (BIM) based on IFC (ISO16739) standards.

It aims to simplify sharing and exchanging of information from BIM models using open and standard formats (IFC, HTML, XML, CSV, JSON) and check the quality of BIM models (Level of Details, Level of Development). BIM managers and designers can query, filter and make reports about any information inside IFC models easily.

The project consists mainly of two parts:

OpenBIM Data Model Server

IFCWebServer enable 100% access to all information and relations inside IFC models. It supports  all IFC official release starting with IFC2X_Final issued on 2001 to the latest release 'IFC 4.3 ADD2' issued in September 2023. Moreover, it supports any valid IFC sub schema or extended schema so it can be used by researchers and IFC developers .

The IFCWebServer can be used also in universities as an easy to use portal within BIM courses. Students can register and upload IFC models, explore the models structure, apply filters, create sub-models, generate reports, study the IFC data model and compare IFC official releases.

Online BIMViewer

Despite of having easy access to the information in BIM models as the main interest (through queries, filters, scripts and reports), the online 3D visualization offered by BIMViewer provide an handy way to view, share BIM models and visualize the results of data queries online inside the web browser.

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