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Open BIM Server and online viewer based on IFC standard

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Graph-based and connected data platform for open BIM models


  • Cloud-based Open BIM server with no hassle


Many Innovations  like:

  • Dual SQL  and graph database  for information management,
  • Dynamic EXPRESS parser which supports all IFC schema versions,
  • Online BIM viewer with unique features,
  • Advanced model comparison,
  • Collaboration layer to share model views as links and
  • Semantic enrichment of IFC models


  • Modular system architecture with full extension possibilities for the core functions and the front end.
  • About  400 extensions for IFC classes
  • Server side scripts to automate complex tasks 


It is used by more than 2000 users around the world coming from  +105 countries.

The project consists of two parts:

1- IFC Data Model Server

IFC WebServer is a data model server based on IFC standards.

It aims to simplify sharing, checking and exchanging information from BIM models using open and standard formats and checking the quality of BIM models.

It enables BIM managers and AEC professionals to have full access to all information and relations inside IFC models.

It is used also in many universities and BIM training centers as an easy to use platform within BIM courses. Students can register and upload own IFC models, explore the models structure, apply filters, compare IFC model versions, create sub-models, generate reports, study the IFC data model and compare IFC official releases.

IFCWebServer supports out of the box all IFC official release (IFC2X_Final in 2001 – IFC4.3 published in 03.2022) and any valid IFC schema or extended schema so it can be used by researchers and IFC developers .

2- Online BIMViewer

Powerful online Viewer for BIM models to view, share and visualize results of queries directly inside the web browser


The only online viewer which supports 4D planing based on IFC standard

Create, Save and Share Views

Create model views easily and share them as links with others per e-mail

Innovative Graph database data management

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